HARMED Uk & Eu Fall Tour

During a tour with Harmed (Hu), I turned an idea into a concrete project. The idea was born during my previous tour with Of Virtue (Us) and The Royal (Nl): taking portraits in a chronological order to reveal the chaos reflected on our faces show after show, day after day. To capture the intensity, I took these pictures right after every show.

First of all, the constant rush I lived while touring was like a constant pressure that helped me to be more productive. It can be stressful but it can also be a source of fuel to keep your work going on and, believe me, you really need that to stay productive.


Harmed London Black Heart 2018

About the beginning of this tour in the UK, it wasn’t that easy. Let’s be fair, this country is really expensive, the venues are pretty cool but not all of them give a meal or even drinks to the crew and, like every time, the van broke down the day before we had to leave the UK for Belgium. Fortunately, someone in the street helped us and fixed the broken cable.

Every tour got stories and it’s because of all those stories that it’s hard to keep an idea living in your head while you are facing troubles on the road. For exemple: the house you booked to sleep reveals that someone is living inside since 3 months, it’s 1 am and you now have to find a place to sleep, even if sleeping in the van could be an option, UK is cold and wet. You don’t want to get sick at this point.


Harmed  London  the van need help

During all those stories, between the shows, the interviews, the good moments and bad moments, the straight moment to capture the essence of all of this was - in my opinion - after the show, when your barriers are down and the only thing we can see is your true self. It’s I assume my own vision. We were all tired as fuck and it took an effor out of all of us to take those portraits every day, even if we still had to dismantle and put away the equipment while others rushed to the merch table to greet the fans.


Harmed  Essen , Germany , Don't Panic

So here's the chronological portrait pictures from my two weeks and a half traveling through UK & EU with Harmed (Hu).


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